BOOKS: Season 2 of Creep Creepersin’s ‘Black Star Canyon’ Starts June 1

Author and filmmaker Creep Creepersin will be releasing the second season of his book serial ‘Black Star Canyon’ starting Sunday, June 1. To support the release, the author will be hosting an all day live Facebook event with previews, cover reveals, contests, giveaways, sneak peaks, Q&A’s and more starting at 10:00am the same day. What’s this all abot? Come on in and find out.

Like the first season of Black Star Canyon, season two will be told in five weekly episodes released every Sunday in June. Readers who purchase Season 2 Episode 1 on June 1 will also receive a faux non-fiction book titled ‘Welcome to Black Star Canyon: A Tour Guide of the Town’ written by faux town historian Ernest Wilson.
You can get the very first episode of Black Star Canyon for free on Amazon here to get caught up before season two starts. Special guests to the live Facebook launch party include ‘Black Star Canyon’ cover artist Zoe Humphries, ghost hunters who have actually hunted in the real Black Star Canyon in Orange County and more. You can RSVP for the event via the official Facebook event page.

Creep Creepersin, is the front man of the horror rock band Creepersin, has made over fifty films and published over twentyfive books. He grew up in Orange County, CA, and was told ghost stories of Black Star Canyon as far back as he can remember, which is what inspired this series.

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