BOOKS: Scott Shoyer’s Debut Novel ‘Outbreak: The Hunger’ released by Severed Press

Outbreak: The HungerScott Shoyer is an Austin, Texas, author with a wicked mind for horror, and his debut zombie novel ‘Outbreak: The Hunger’ has just been published by genre house Severed Press in paperback and eBook formats. Name of the author sound familiar? Yup, he is our colleague over at Anything Horror and as a side note, also has a Ph.D. in 19th Century German Political Philosophy. Come on inside for details.

‘Outbreak: The Hunger’ promises a fast-paced, gory look at events leading up to the outbreak of a zombie virus. This virus, Scott promises us, is one you have not seen before. The story unfolds from the perspective of two separate groups of people: An elite group of soldiers acting above Top Secret who try to identify and stop the outbreak, and a group of families visiting the Austin Zoo, from where the outbreak first begins to spread. Trapped at the zoo, the small group of visitors must band together to try and survive. Survival, though, will not be easy at ground zero.

Outbreak: The Hunger

Scott promises readers his debut novel, the first in a planned trilogy, offers a fresh and unique look at what he believes has become a stale sub-genre. “Sure there are a lot of zombie novels out there,” Scott admits, “but I set out to give horror and zombie fans something different. I didn’t want to write just another version of the same old story … and I didn’t.”

Joe McKinney, celebrated author of the ‘Dead World’ series, has the following to say about Scott Shoyer’s debut novel: “Not only is ‘Outbreak: The Hunger’ the kind of wild ride you expect from good old fashioned horror, but it is a zombie novel with a truly original take on the genre.  I guarantee you, the story has not been told this way before.  I envy you getting to read it for the first time.”

Scott was able to avoid the clichés that have become standard fare in this sub-genre and managed to pump some fresh blood and brains into it [pun intended], and is already hard at work completing his follow-up which will be a direct sequel taking place two years after the events of ‘Outbreak: The Hunger’.

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