BOOKS: REVIEW: ‘This Book is Full of Spiders’ – Seriously Dude, Don’t Touch It

Is it – or is it not? You’ll never know, if you don’t touch it. But if you do, beware! You won’t want to close it before you’ve read the last page, and then you are frustrated that it’s over already. Don’t worry, you’re not required to have read author David Wong’s ‘John Dies at The End’ before you read his follow-up which is not a sequel. But you should, because its fun as well. I wouldn’t want to wait that long, for David Wong’s second novel is a mind bending, corner turning, zig-zagging and amazing roller coaster. There is no way  to predict the next twist, or even see it coming. You may feel confused and slightly disoriented after reading the first few pages, but keep plowing forward; the story will reveal itself in a  horrifying and darkly humorous way. Two college drop-outs who have the tendency to mess things up as soon as they get involved, are meant to save the world from an epidemic outbreak of a host of supernatural and paranormal forces. What they are really up against lets them wish this would rather be your usual, run-of-the-mill zombie apocalypse as some people around them prefer to believe.

Author David Wong’s follow-up to ‘John Dies at the End’, ‘This Book is full of Spiders’ is an horrifyingly dark and humorously exciting story about two friends who find themselves entangled in supernatural events that leave them no choice but to team up to save humanity – or die trying… or worse. These two college drop-outs, who usually mess up everything they touch the minute they touch it, set out to save their hometown from the disastrous events threatening its extinction. Not only is there an outbreak of monstrous spiders that take over human bodies as hosts, dark shadows are lingering, seemingly gaining control of the situation. An always skeptical police detective must be convinced of the heroes’ good intentions as they take up the fight against the government and military. To make matters worse, not all supernatural forces at work are against them, some actually join their cause. The only problem is, they don’t always know which are which. Not an easy task for two hopeless anti-heroes. But they are getting help… from a college girl, a dog and some very strange creatures.

The story is mind bending, horrifying, and told with just the right dose of pitch dark humor thrown in for good measure. David Wong describes his character in such detail, that they jump off the pages and bring the whole twisted joyride along with them, kicking and screaming. When you love horror, the paranormal  and supernatural, this book is a must read. If not; this is about the best start you can get to broaden your horizon. It’s all about the dark shadows that just exist in our minds… Or should they be real after all?

‘This Book Is Full of Spiders: Seriously, Dude, Don’t Touch It’
Author: David Wong
ISBN: 9780312546342
Publisher: St. Martin’s Press
Pages: 416
Also available for Nook and Kindle, and as audio book

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