BOOKS: British Director Jonathan Glendening’s first Book ‘Ravenswing’ Out Now

British director Jonathan Glendening (13hrs, Nightwolf, Strippers Vs Werewolves, S.N.U.B!, Summer Rain) has just released his first novel ‘Ravenswing’, an action thriller that promises genre twisting suspense and heart pumping action horror.

Courier, Michael Phillips, has to deliver a package to an isolated village. Lost in the dark and winding country roads he’s in a car crash. The other car is totaled and he thinks he’s killed the driver, but the little girl in the back seat is alive. Unfortunately, the driver did survive and he’s the girl’s psychopathic stepfather. He pursues Michael and the girl, leaving in his wake a trail of murder and blood which is found by a lone police officer. Michael becomes his only suspect. It’s Halloween, there’s a full moon and Michael’s journey becomes a bizarre, lunatic, nightmare descent into hell.
Jonathan Glendening is a British director and screenwriter who has directed the award winning horror ‘Nightwolf’ (13HRS) starring Tom Felton, the romantic teen comedy ‘Summer Rain’, the B-Movie homage ‘S.N.U.B!’ and the grind house ‘Strippers vs. Werewolfs’ starring Steven Berkoff and Robert Englund. ‘Ravenswing’ is his first novel.

‘Ravenswing’ is available in paperback and as e-book for Kindle from Amazon.

Official Website‘Ravenswing’ on Amazon

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