BOOK: ‘Dialogue with the Devil’ by Stephen Biro

The greatest trick that the devil has ever pulled off was to convince the world he does not exist. Now, you will know he exists. Written by Stephen Biro, author of ‘Hellucination a Memoir’, ‘Masters of Taboo Presents Cannibalism’, ‘All Work and No Play’, ‘The Ultimate Dead Baby Joke Book’, ‘The Ultimate Dead Baby Cook Book’, and President of Unearthed Films, is set to release his latest book ‘Dialogue with the Devil’ on July 21st.

For one man on a life-long pursuit for the truth, a chilling relationship with the Fallen Angel brings him a soul shattering insight into the world we live in. Will his ‘Dialogue with the Devil’ bring enlightenment or only madness and suffering?

‘Dialogue with the Devil’ contains transcriptions by a writer who got pulled into the battle for his very soul, giving him a glimpse into the larger battle that rages between Heaven and Hell. It’s a War in which most of mankind lives in total ignorance.
That writer, Stephen Biro, is again doing what he does best: Peering behind the veil and fighting the Devil on his own ground. Here, Stephen searches for reasons to the madness of humanity by asking direct questions of Satan.

‘Dialogue with the Devil’ became possible when Satan found no more fight in the human spirit. He grew weary of the falling of mankind and decided to offer up the truth; his truth, his manipulations, his deviousness. Satan has been altering mindsets from the very beginning, and this book reveals, straight from Satan’s mouth, the plan for mankind’s slow, downward spiral into Hell.

In this book, the devil has evened the playing field by offering His history, His deceitful machinations. Will you read this book, no matter how unnerving, and use its startling information to prevent your fall from God’s good graces?

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