APP – 2013

From the Netherlands comes the new thriller ‘APP’ about, you guessed it, a mysterious App that seems to be more than just a helpful bit of software. Although not officially categorized as horror, we think this feature film has its place i our genre as well. Come on in for the official trailer with English subs.

21 year old modest but intelligent psychology student Anna Rijnders withdraws completely into her own virtual world after a dramatic traffic accident which partially paralyzed her younger brother. She grows increasingly addicted to apps, social media and her smartphone. Anna’s best friend, the spontaneous and sexy student Sophie, has a relationship with the young, attractive Daan.
After a wild party, of which she hardly remembers anything the next day, Anna discovers an unknown and mysterious App installed on her smartphone. It answers all questions and is called IRIS. To her astonishment the smart and handy App not only answers scientific and historical questions, but also questions relating to her personal life and that of her friends. As Anna begins to receive cryptic texts and codes from the App, which are associated with the sudden death of the people from around her, she slowly but surely realises that IRIS is more than just a handy App…
Written by Robert Arthur Jansen and directed by Bobby Boermans, ‘App’, starring well known dutch actress Hannah Hoekstra, ‘APP’ will be released in the Netherlands on March 14, 2013. Release dates for other markets have not been announced at the time of this writing.

Official Website [NL] – Official Facebook [NL]

Release Date: March 14, 2013 (NL)
Country: Netherlands
Language: Dutch

Director: Bobby Boermans
Author: Robert Arthur Jansen

Hannah Hoekstra – Anna Rijnders
Isis Cabolet – Sophie Welts
Robert de Hoog – Tim Maas
Alex Hendrickx – Stijn Rijnders
Matthijs van de Sande Bakhuyzen – Daan Thijsse
Jeroen Spitzenberger – Jerry
Mark van Eeuwen – Sim
Gigi Ravelli
Liza Sips – Liesbeth
Harry van Rijthoven – Dr. Carlo
Patrick Martens – Henry

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