A Safe Place – 2013

While zombies as such carnivorously rot away, the sub-genre never seems to get old and, consequentially, there is an abundance of living dead films out there these days. But what is even worse than your average disintegrating dead corpse walking the street on the hunt for brains? Try junkie zombies. Amir Aghelnejad directs this upcoming furious zombie thriller, which also marks his feature debut, for Canada’s New Image Entertainment. First Teaser inside!

A controversial ‘safe injection site’ for drug addicts becomes a hell on earth when a batch of tainted street heroin gives the clinic’s patrons a new kind of craving. Now a dwindling crew of junkies, clinic employees and cops must overcome their own prejudices to survive the night in A Safe Place.

Release of ‘A Safe Place’ is anticipated for 2013 with a specific date still to be locked in.

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Release Date: (2013)
Country: Canada
Language: English

Director: Amir Aghelnejad
Author: Wayne Morhart

Kindall Charters – Sammy
Jennifer Moore – Jules
Seth Whittaker – Troy
Jerrod Downey – # 29
Kindall Charters – Sammy
Mary Galloway – Liz
Nic Roy – Eric
Myles McCarthy – Joey
Christopher O. Smith – Terry
Daniel Whittaker – Big Time
Augie Ray Hashka – Wheels
Anneliese Washington – Shay
Trance Dixon – Tao
Paul Grenier – Dolly D.
Kyle Seguin – Draino
Anthony MacLean – Thug #1
Dean C. Jackson – Mr. Steels / Dad
Michael London – Knife Zombie
Beth Cantor – Amy
Yuki Morita – Suzanne
Stacey Stewart – # 88
Ronnie Thompson – # 6
Amy Lynn Hansen – Waitress
Taylor Hastings – Reporter
Marco Perri – J
Daniel Hanuse – Thug #2
Sotos Petrides – Doctor

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